Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Meeting

The children are gathered in a circle on the carpet, sitting quietly as they wait for the friends to be ready to start "morning meeting" - our daily calendar, weather, letter-of-the-week and morning message time.

A, a four-year old girl, is on her knees on her "letter" doing a little "jig." The jig continues for some time, but we (as teachers) ignore the movement and decide to proceed with the meeting. As we ask for volunteer to share a word that starts with letter Ll, our letter of the week, the "jig" intensifies and she quickly blurts out, "Look, I'm holding my nuts! My nuts! My nuts! I'm holding my nuts!"

Yes, the jig did consist of her holding her "nuts" region.

My assistant spoke up, trying to politely stop her from proceeding and said, "Where did you hear that?" Innocently, A responds, "My daddy. He taught me to say it." While one might be concerned with such a statement coming from the mouth of a four-year old girl, knowing the family puts things into perspective - a family of rough housing boys would likely have this impact on a little girl!

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